Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Band Bracket '09

Attention Music Lovers:

We at Searcy Living have the ultimate showdown for music lovers. 32 artists/bands are competing in a bracket form tournament where YOU will decide who the best band is. We have divided them into Four Categories: 

Rock/Alternative Region: 

1. Coldplay v. 8. Jonas Brothers
2. Paramore v. 7. Underoath
3. Mute Math v. 6. John Mayer
4. Anberlin v. 5. Flyleaf

Country Region:

1. Johnny Cash v. 8. Jessica Simpson
2. Rascal Flatts v. 7. Keith Urban
3. Brad Paisley v. 6. George Strait
4. Taylor Swift v. Carrie Underwood

Indie Region:

1. Mayday Parade v. 8. Lite
2. Tyron Wells v. 7. Mother Mother
3. Snow Patrol v. 6. Sigor Ros
4. The Boxer Rebellion v. 5. The Almost

Oldies Region:

1. Frank Sinatra v. 8. Tony Bennett
2. The Beatles v. 7. The Monkeys
3. Elvis Presley v. 4. The Temptations
4. Dean Martin v. 5. Neil Diamond

The Rules are very simple, log onto and click on the Band Bracket '09 button. Then simply vote on which band you like the best of the matchups listed. Voting for Round One will last until March 9th at 4pm. You can vote as many times as you would like (limit one per day, per computer). The winners will move on to the Sweet 16 and we will continue to narrow it down until we reach a champion.

Tune into our weekly podcast "Talkology" with new shows uploaded every monday and friday at 4pm (only on to hear about this bracket and more events in your area. 

For more information on this tournament and other events send us an email at