Friday, January 16, 2009

Podcast Recap: 1/16/09...

Hey everyone,

In today's podcast myself and Aaron talked briefly about our nations struggling economy. We all know that the country is in debt, about 10 Trillion in debt to be exact. That's: $10,000,000,000,000.00.... yeah, most of us don't make quite that many zeros. The economy is tanking and there are so many mom and pop businesses that are going under because they aren't pulling in the cash they need to survive. In my opinion this is a travesty. 

Now, I know there is more to this monster than meets the eye, and everyone has an opinion on how to make it better. But in my opinion there are those living in this great country that can help, and there are those that need help. Those that need help are the ones that are struggling to keep their bills paid. The soccer mom who has to work two jobs so her kids can have a half way decent life. The dad who is doing everything he can just so his family can eat and have a decent home to live in. The small business owner who is struggling to keep their head above water, these are the people that need help. 

But there are those living in this country who can help. The ones that have been richly blessed, in wealth and in life. People like professional athletes, famous actors and actresses, musicians, and CEO's of huge companies. It's no secret that pro athletes make an astonishing amount of money. Take for example the New York Yankees, probably the most well known sports team in the entire world, has by far the largest payroll in pro sports. Just recently they signed or resigned five star players who's salary in in the area of Half a Billion dollars!! Talk about a stimulus package. If these athletes would give up even a portion of their salary (let's face it, they could live off a lowly one million dollars) they could help a lot of hurting people. If Kobe Bryant, A-Rod, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady all gave up all but just enough to live on, they could practically bail out America...

I know most of you reading this blog don't have millions of dollars in the bank, and you might even be one of the people who need help. But I encourage you, if you are a person who has been blessed. If you have a good steady job with job security, and you are doing good financially, consider giving back. Let's all help those that need help in our communities. You can help!! 

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